About The Doran Brothers:

The Doran Brothers band is made up of the fours sons of Ed and Harriet Doran (Dan, Dave, Sean and Bill), and our brother from another mother, Mark Mainero.  We've played on and off together for over 40 years, interrupted during that period only by what we like to regard as minor distractions (college educations, families and careers).  Most recently, in various combinations, the Doran brothers were founding members of the popular West Michigan bands Mid Life Crisis and Flashback.

While members of The Doran Brothers have played in other groups over the years, this is the first time in many years that all four Doran brothers are performing together on stage, and the first time ever that the name of the group under which we are performing bears the family name.

The Doran Brothers band is going to be a bit different than the previous bands with which we've performed.  This band will focus on soft rock and easier listening music, with songs from some of the best songwriters and vocal groups from the 60s to today.  Doran Brother audiences will enjoy familiar songs from the past, played in a laid-back style.

The Members:

Dan Doran
While Dan works as a health inspector now, he spent much of his adult life as a music teacher.  Dan started playing saxophone professionally in the 70s, and he’s been playing ever since, picking up a degree in music education along the way.  Dan has played with, among other groups, Steel Satin (with brothers Dave, Sean and Bill), Aladdin (with Sean), Mid Life Crisis (with Dave and Bill) and Flashback (with Dave).  Dan contributes to The Doran Brothers on sax, keyboards and vocally.

Sean Doran
Sean drums and sings for The Doran Brothers.  Sean started taking lessons and playing drums when he was just 5 years old.  He joined his first band when he was 11 - Steel Satin, a band which also included brothers Dan and Dave, and later, Bill.  Since then, Sean has played with, among other bands, Aladdin (with Dan) and Center Stage. He is employed as a regional sales and marketing manager out of the Traverse City area. Not just a drummer, Sean has also been very active as a vocalist for his church and in his community.

Mark Mainero
Mark teaches music at Forest Hills Pine Ridge Elementary School. He’s a keyboardist and vocalist.  Detroit music enthusiasts might recognize Mark from his days with the popular Detroit-based bands West Grand Boulevard Band, Wrode Rat, and The Triumph Elite Orchestra.  However, Mark’s musical experience doesn’t begin and end with rock or Motown.  Mark also sang with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, the Temple Israel Choir, and the Detroit Concert Choir, where he served as a section leader and soloist.  Mark first began playing with Doran brothers when he joined the West Michigan band Flashback

Bill Doran
Like Sean, Bill starting playing his instrument, guitar, at an early age, 6 years old.  He hadn't been playing long when he joined his brothers, Dan, Dave and Sean, in the band Steel-Satin.  After Steel-Satin, Bill took advantage of every opportunity to hone his guitar and singing skills.  In 2006, he joined the music team at Cornerstone Church in Caledonia, Michigan, eventually becoming a worship and song leader there. Bill was also one of the charter members of the West Michigan band, Mid Life Crisis, along with brothers Dan and Dave. Bill is a teacher at Caledonia Public Schools.


Dave Doran
Dave plays bass and sings for The Doran Brothers.  Dave began playing professionally with his brothers, Dan and Sean, and later, Bill, in the 70s with Steel Satin.  After a several year break to obtain business and law degrees, start a family and develop a law practice, Dave re-entered the music scene in West Michigan in 2001 forming the Grand Rapids band Mid Life Crisis with brothers Dan and Bill.  After Dave left Mid Life Crisis in 2007, he and Dan formed Flashback.  After a great run with Flashback, he's quite happy to re-join all three of his brothers in The Doran Brothers.

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